Sonakshi sinha fat pictures

sonakshi sinha fat pictures Sonakshi sinha fat pictures

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60 Responses to Sonakshi sinha fat pictures

  1. ghee says:


  2. iqra says:

    wao so nice

  3. iqra says:

    i just love sunakshi……………………..plz sunakshi tell me that how u controlled ur fatness
    becoz i’m also fat plz give me some instructions

  4. zameer khan says:


  5. taufik says:

    so naice i realiy like it

  6. sonakchi says:

    hy im sonakshi sinha i want to telle you think you because you alwys love meeee every wone want my msn

  7. Santosh Singh says:

    I Love Sinha

  8. dechen lhamo says:

    hi u r really looking great

  9. Sanju says:

    Maai bhi Dabhang hoo

  10. chandan says:

    i also make casting to improve myself .
    ah ur i just too.

  11. Varun Sarkar says:

    Sonakshi bahot khoobsurat hai, yakeenan unka man unse jyada sunder hoga.

  12. bushra says:

    u looking so so,,,,

  13. Gaurav Trivedi says:

    sona is looking so good in all looks. i am just want to say sona . I LoveUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

  14. sachin rathore says:


  15. santhosh says:

    give instuctions to me pls

  16. aamir says:

    abhi jaise ho waise hi rehna

  17. SUMIT says:

    U r great……….I love U my dear.

  18. pinku says:

    chi chi looking yukk man !

  19. shabana RBI Chameli from malleshwaram says:

    Mujhse khoobsoorat to koi hai hi nahi….. sonakshi to bekar hai, mai to aasin ki tarah dikhti hoon…….. you can contact me for tips and also I can go around anywhere with anyone.

  20. divya says:

    great………..but how it is possible??????????????i also want to know this!!!

  21. RUHULLA says:

    oeeeeeeeeeeeeeee laddoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  22. M.Mukhtar says:

    hi my best favorite lovely Sonakshi Sinha . y u r very lovely and I wish u be sucssessful all around ur life be happy all time .

  23. akshay says:

    hi it is sweettttttttttttttttttttt & storng.

  24. akshay says:

    very very good figarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  25. akshay says:


  26. Sakib Khan says:

    Fatness is a curse. Look Sonakshi, she is so unbelievably charming with slim body.

  27. abuzar says:

    i luv sonakshi

  28. kalpana jijotia says:

    looking good

  29. Dinu Bhandari says:

    Sunakshi Ji keise ho app. app mujhe bahut ache lagte ho. or hain apki Dabhang movie bahut achi hain i like ………………………………../

  30. sunil ku sahoo says:

    U looking very sweet.and akt very naic

  31. vijay says:

    hi u r looking very nice i want to make a friendship with u

  32. echchha gupta says:

    nice yaar

  33. tanmoy says:

    what is this,….. tell me………………………………………………………………

  34. rovyn says:

    WELL she is beautiful…. fat or not fat… and yuk urself … fat is just a form…..

  35. zirak khan babar says:

    hello sonakshi sinah on of the best acting actrees of india and most beatiful with high hieght i love ur acting plus ur beauty may u jump in 1st lest of indian actrees from

  36. hello miss india ur so gorgeous mind blowing i pray fr u to be the most succesful actres in the world

  37. paresh says:

    sonaksi tum muje bahut achi lagti ho.

    me tum se mil na chata uh
    pls my contact 09624617204

  38. SHYAM says:




  40. venki says:

    hi, sonakshi, r u cute very hot girl in this world


    sonakshi jee mai Aap bahut bada fan hu, Gopal ganj ,bihar

  42. ANIRUDHA PATRA says:

    Dearest sonakshi like you , state of orissa


    Dearest Sonakshi jee mai Aap ko bahut pashand krta hu.our Aap dabbang move super hits move hai & mai Aap ka bahut bada fan hu…gopalganj,Bihar

  44. patel krina says:

    I am krina. 24th year old Ahmedabad
    i love your eyes i want to meet you and you looked so petty in the ifa award.
    plz sunakshi tell me that how u controlled ur fatness
    becoz i also want to decrease 10 kgs my weight
    how can we avoid scratch marks in our body.
    plz give me some instructions

  45. harsh dave says:

    you are always good looking

  46. denar says:

    i love her alsoooooooooooo cute girl……….. her face cut is owsoom….<3

  47. Shweta says:

    Hi sonakhi do u friendship me

  48. urooba khan says:

    ooooooooooo how fate girl

  49. neha says:

    u r too good,i really like u n ur style… :)

  50. omkar says:

    i like your style i love it

  51. shalu says:

    bhot peyari hu aap you are so sweet mithayi se bhi jada.shalu

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